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Blondie t shirts are available right here on the most accomplished online rock band t shirt store. There is nowhere else where you’re guaranteed to find exclusively selected tees. The shirts have a nice mixture of color that makes them quite attractive to look at. The fabric used is easy to clean either by hand or by machine and its texture is quite comforting to the skin.

The inception of Blondie is all thanks to Debbie Harry who started his career as a singer and figured he could do well with a band and his sentiments were shared with Chris Stein who came in as a guitarist. They are an American rock band that began playing together in the mid seventies. Being the pioneers of the industry, they figured it would be best if they played music that people would associate with and that is when they started paying a new wave of punk. Within a short while after their formation, they released two albums that clearly contained this genre of music. They achieved great success outside their home country as the major album hits were in the United Kingdom and in Australia. They worked hard to convince their local fans that they were not an underground band and soon after, they released Parallel Lines back in 1978 and that catapulted them to the top of American charts.

They gradually began adapting to a new theme of music which the fans could easily associate with and they did this by blending elements of pop, disco, reggae and rap in their tunes. While they did this, they still retained their original genre of music which was New Wave band. They were extremely careful so as not to lose their music foundation and it really paid off as their new genre of music was warmly received. They have not been spared the usual ups and downs that bands go through as they try to find their place in the music industry but this did not stop them from topping charts. The success of the band has been reciprocated onto their t shirt sales as fans want to associate with the band by all means possible.