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Cannibal Corpse Apparel 1 to 4 (of 4 Cannibal Corpse)


The most incredibly designed Cannibal Corpse t shirts are in stock. Our prices are unmatched and all the items listed here are cheaply priced. In addition to that, they’re all made genuine fabric. There are excellent payment options available which also come with a workable shipping solution.

The fame of the Cannibal Corpse band originated from the humble beginnings of Buffalo Town in New York. They have been branded as an American death metal band that was formed back in 1998. Their story is one of success as they have currently released eleven studio albums, one live album and one box set. The amazing thing with this band is that they have had all this fame and success without much television or radio exposure. Very few could be able to pull this off and they only did this because they had a genre of music that certain rock fans could closely associate with. The band has had a massive cult following once they released the albums titled Butchered at Birth back in 1991 and Tomb of the Mutilated back in 1992. both albums made over one million sales globally by the year 2003. The United States saw sales going to over half a million.

Just like any other band out there, this band also had their own source of inspiration as they obtained their from thrash metal bands like Kreator and Slayer. The band is still playing up to date and they have been marred by controversial statements all over. This is because their art and their lyrics draw heavily on horror fiction and horror films. The issue surrounding their controversy has been quite serious as they have seen some of their album sales being banned in certain countries. Either way, those are just formalities as you can always get to listen and enjoy your favorite tunes performed by the band. As you do that, why not get yourself a number of shirts by the band which represent the messages of the band’s music.