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Enjoy a huge and exclusive collection of Chicago t shirts all of which have been carefully selected for every fan. The tees have been well designed with great imprints of the band members either performing in concert or just posing for the cameras. With such t-shirts, you need the guarantee of quality fabric used to make the tees and that is exactly what you get. The shirts will last for ages to come and all this comes at cheap price so you can go ahead and buy a number of tees.

All of the band’s fans out there would like to understand how the band rose to fame so here’s a brief overview. The Chicago band emerged in the year 1967 back in Chicago, Illinois. As you would expect with any band out there, the beginnings are always shaky as there’s the usual uncertainty of which kind of music to play, what to represent, the name to use as a band and such like issues. This band was no different as they had a more or less the same experience. They began as a politically charged and experimental rock band but they gradually evolved and began playing predominantly softer sound. With this blend of music, they realized they could easily come up with a number of ballads that became instant hits. People could easily associate with their music and that is how their entire fan base grew.

Another major plus for the band was that they were very consistent in their music which helped a lot as they easily maintained their original fans and while on the same road, more rock fans enjoyed their music and they quickly came on board. It has been an upward trend for the band since then, releasing hit singles like Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon, Make me Smile, Colour my World, Where do we go from Here among many other songs that were in their albums. Their concert performances were equally thrilling and the fans would definitely be donning any of the band’s many tee shirts as they enjoyed the great music.