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The Cinderella band tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts for women, Concert tees

We give you the chance to buy your favorite Cinderella t shirts for girls at very cheap prices. The amazingly cheap prices should give you the chance to buy a number of the band’s tees. We frequently update our listings so always lookout for new additions of incredible designs. No other online tee shirt store gives you such an amazing deal so ensure you take advantage of this.

The band is a renowned American rock band renowned for their ability to play incredible tunes of heavy metal music. The band originated from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA and they were formed back in the year 1980 and their career has seen a number of multi platinum albums including a number of hit singles. Their music videos have also seen a considerable amount of success in the manner in which they have been received by their fans. Their videos were also appreciated by media companies such as MTV which had a heavy rotation of their music videos. The band is renowned for their glam metal genre of music which they played during the time that they started out. They later on changed the genres of music they played and adopted a more hard core rock and blues rock sound. This was an attempt to show their ability to diversify and they did an incredible job as they were able to get great reception for this as well.

The current band members include a team of four very talented individuals all of whom have the ability to maintain the success of the band. The current line up includes Fred Coury who plays the drums, percussion and also provides back up vocals. The other member is Eric Brittingham who plays the bass and also supports in the provision of back up vocals. Then there’s Jeff LaBar who is the lead and rhythm guitarist who is quite incredible in playing the acoustic guitar. He also provides back up vocals. The final current band member is Tom Keifar who is the lead vocalist. Tom also plays the rhythm and lead guitars, keyboards, mandolin, piano, Dobro, harmonica and the saxophone.