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The Clash is a proclaimed English rock band group that was formed in the year 1976. The formation of the band came in as part of the original wave of British punk music. The good thing with the band is that they were not static in the music. They decided to incorporate a number of tunes that saw them receive a huge following from the global rock fans. They gradually began incorporating bits of ska, dub, reggae, funk, dance, rap and rockability in their new compositions and performances. The band members that saw the formation of the clash band were lead vocals and guitarist Mick Jones, Joe Strummer who handled the rhythm guitar and the lead vocals, Nicky “Topper” Headon who was on drums and percussions and Paul Simonon came in to handle the bass guitar as he provided vocal support. Just like any of the many rock bands out there, the Clash also had a stint of members quitting the band but they were quickly replaced by new members and they still continued to produce great music.

It is in the United Kingdom that the band achieved commercial success. This was after the release of their debut album which was titled “The Class”. This was back in 1977. By the time they were releasing their third album titled “London Calling”, which was in 1979, they were able to receive a lot of popularity beyond borders, especially in the United States. The album was critically acclaimed and the fame was actually confirmed when they were declared to be the best album of the 1980’s by the Rolling Stone Magazine. The good thing with this band which actually saw them climb to fame is the way they were able to politicize lyrics, rebellious attitude and had a stint of musical experimentation which was very effective in providing a far reaching influence on rock music.