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Coldplay Apparel 1 to 3 (of 3 Coldplay)


Enjoy amazing deals on many available Coldplay t shirts which are carefully selected and always in stock. The tee shirts have been checked to ensure their originality and their pricing is amazingly cheap. This means that you can afford to buy a number of shirts as even the great designs on the tees will leave you yearning for more. The t shirts are designed to cover persons of all ages and they also come with designs for both genders of rock fans.

Any of the Coldplay t shirts that you will find in stock will have the name of the band or images of the band members performing in concert. Other images of the band members that are printed on the tees will have the band members posing either after a concert or during a general photo session which they frequently do as part of popularizing themselves among their fans. The inception of the t shirts was also a great way of spreading the name, songs and albums of the band on a global platform as the shirts are easily delivered to persons from all continents.

Coldplay was formed in 1996 and ever since their coming together; they never looked back as they’ve constantly been topping the charts with hit after hit. The initial band members that formed the band back at the University College London include lead guitarist Jonny Buckland and vocalist Chris Martin. During their initial stages, they had a short stint of name changing as they initially started as Pectoralz and later changed their name to Starfish when they recruited Guy Berryman as a bassist. Soon after, the band added Will Champion who provided drumming, backing vocalist and multi instrumental services. Will was the last member to join the band and they were lucky enough to get the renowned Phil Harvey as their manager.

The band adopted their renowned name ‘Coldplay’ back in 1998 and they stuck with it ever since. They are renowned for chart topping hits like Yellow, Rockstar, Photpgraph among many others all of which are well outlined in any of the available Coldplay t shirts that you will find in stock.