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Cramps Apparel 1 to 13 (of 13 Cramps)


The Cramps tshirts for women:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees sale

We bring you varying designs of the renowned Cramps t shirts for you to buy from. The band is renowned for its success in the industry and these tees are a great way to appreciate them. As you can see from the listings, there are varying shirt designs for persons of all ages. All our listings are always in stock hence you’ll always be able to buy your desired attire.

The band’s decision to incorporate their own branded tee shirts as part of the tours that they performed in was an incredible way of building on their fan base. They managed to come up with genius designs that fans can associate with the band. They also had a number of perfectly taken photos being imprinted on the tees so that the fans could get a closer memory of the band members who constantly entertain them with great rock music. The Cramps were an incredible American rock band that was formed back in 1976. They have seen an incredible amount of success for the period they have been in operation considering they only split up recently after that band received some very saddening news. The year 2009 saw the demise of the band as they could not proceed without the services of their lead singer Lux Interior who passed away.

The band has had a stint of alternating band members for the period that they were performing and this was for the sole purpose of bettering their performance. Lux was generally not only the lead singer but he was also a leader who made all the crucial calls regarding the direction the band would take. That’s why the band was unable to continue without his services once he passed away as he was the band’s pillar. The band is known to have been influential in promoting a number of musical styles and this was especially at the time when the early CBGB punk rock movement emerged in New York. At the time, they were not only one of the first garage punk bands but they were also the first band that was known to be good at blending punk rock with a mix of rockability.

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