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The Dropkick Murphys tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

Stay ahead of the pack with our cheaply priced Dropkick Murphys t shirts. All our listings are in stock and we have ensured that we avail exactly what every fan wants. You’re assured of getting durable shirts that have incredible designs of the band. We have safe and secure payment options that come at your own convenience.

You never have to worry about getting your desired t shirt with us. We have a comprehensive list of shirts that have been sourced from the best rock band t shirt designers. Rock fans usually have certain tastes which we have ensured that we’re capable of meeting with our collection of Dropkick Murphys t shirts. The shirts will do an incredible job of bringing you closer to this renowned American band that was formed in Quincy, Massachusetts back in the year 1996.

The band is widely renowned for their punk rock kind of music which has managed to propel them to the top of the industry. Soon after their inception into the industry, the band was signed to an independent punk rock label called Hellcat Records. They managed to release five albums while working with this record label. This worked out quite well for them as they managed to make a name for themselves both locally and in the international arena.

They sought all sorts of means to further their popularity including making use of their own tee shirt line. They designed excellent designs that their fans would relate with and associate the tees with the band. They managed to make a name for themselves locally by constantly playing during St. Patrick’s Day shows that were held in Boston. The band stayed with the Hellcast Record label up until 2005 when they released The Warrior’s Code which featured two charting singles. Among them was Tessie which they specially recorded for the Boston Red Sox so that it could be played after home game wins. The other charting single was I’m Shipping Up to Boston which was featured in the renowned movie, The Departed which was an Academy Award winning movie. They soon after signed up with Warner Bros. Records who have overseen the band’s subsequent albums namely Going Out In Style and The Meanest of Times.