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The Evanescence tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

We bring you a frequently updated collection of the best Evanescence t shirt designs. All the uploaded listings are a clear indication of how the actual tee looks like. You will have an easy time identifying your size as we have all sizes available. We also have reasonable shipping solutions which should ease the delivery process for you.

The shirts come in a wide range of colors so as to accommodate all rock fans out there that would like to own a piece of the band’s magnificent work. The imprinted designs have accordingly outlined the work that the band is renowned for all of which are exceptionally great. Considering the band was formed back in 1995, they have done an incredible job at accumulating a massive following from the entire international fan base.

They have however managed to make great music which has helped to popularize their popularity. The tee shirts have also worked out quite perfectly for them as they have managed to distribute them all over the globe. The existence of competent online stores such as ours has also helped to bring the fans closer to their favorite band courtesy of the tee shirts. You will not find a huge listing of greatly designed Evanescence t shirts coming to you at very cheap prices except right here.

The t-shirts are a magnificent representation of this internationally successful American rock band that was formed in 1995 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The band members consist of Amy Lee, Tim McCord, Rocky Gray, Terry Balsamo and John LeCompt. Before breaking into the limelight, the band began by recording private albums as they shaped for their entry into the industry so they could give people a different kind of music. With time, the band was ready to release their first full length album titled Fallen, under Wind-up Records. The album managed to sell way over seventeen million copies worldwide. This was an astonishingly high number of sales especially for a debut album. In addition to the sales, the album also won the band two Grammy Awards, which was another massive achievement. They clearly knew what they were doing when they opted to first begin by recording privately.