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Frank Zappa Apparel 1 to 20 (of 38 Frank Zappa)


This is the home of all rock bands as we have listed endless rock t shirt collections. Among the many listings is the Frank Zappa t shirts that are all in stock. We have individually checked each tee to ensure originality for all our buyers. The benefit of our store is that we have very cheap prices for all tees so look nowhere else.

Formally known as Frank Vincent Zappa, this was a very proclaimed American singer, song writer, composer, record producer, electric guitarist who later expanded his career to become a film director. With a successful career spanning over three decades, Zappa was able to diversify his many talents as he was able to write jazz, rock, musique concrete and orchestral music all of which got him more and more fans. His musical career saw him release over sixty albums and the amazing thing is that he produced almost each and every one of his albums. He worked hand in hand with the band known as “The Mothers of Invention” where he came in as a solo artist. In his early years, Frank developed a liking for percussion based avant garde composers some of whom included the legendary Edgard Varese. He also adored the 1950’s genre of rhythm and blues music.

Shortly after a few years while he was in high school, he was able to learn the art of writing classical music. He was even able to couple this with drum playing performances with some already established rhythm and blues bands and he soon after learnt to play the electric guitar. Zappa has been regarded as a self taught performer and composer whereby his diverse musical influenced saw him create unique music that was often challenging to categorize. Together with The Mothers of Invention band, he released his debut album titled “Freak Out” in 1966. In the album, he was able to combine songs of different rock and roll versions. He fine tuned these songs with a collective improvisation and a number of studio generated sound collages. Zappa was regarded as a highly productive and a very prolific artist who gained widespread critical acclaim.