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Jefferson Airplane Apparel 1 to 8 (of 8 Jefferson Airplane)


The Jefferson Airplane tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

With our very cheap Jefferson Airplane t shirts, you should be able to afford buying a number of them. All listed tee shirts are entirely in stock. We have hand picked each and every tee shirt to ensure its originality. The shirts are made of cotton which is a good fabric at absorbing t-shirt ink.

You will definitely be spoilt for choice as our t-shirts listings are endless ranging from a huge number of successful rock bands such as Jefferson Airplane. This is an American band that was formed back in 1965 in San Francisco. They have been in the game for all these decades and the future clearly looks very bright for this outstanding rock band.

They have continually rocked as and it would only be fair that we as fans commemorate them by donning any of their many tee shirt designs. There’s actually nothing to lose as all the band’s shirts are professionally designs, which means that you’ll enjoy wearing the shirts to any social event that you may be attending at your own time. The band is renowned for being the pioneer of psychedelic rock music and starting the movement as well.

Matching the tee shirts is an easy affair as they all come with a nice blend of colors that can go well with any other outfit you may have out there. The band began from very humble beginnings and little did anyone know that they would sprout to achieve mainstream commercial success. The band was very active in the rock festivals of the 1960’s.

They also handled the first ever Isle of Wight Festival. The group’s records have received international success which has brought them a considerable amount of fame. They managed to get two chart hitting singles from the album titled Somebody to Love and White Rabbit. Needless to say, these two records were also listed in the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Considering the period that the band was together, it becomes clear how much music meant to them and the successes that they were able to achieve cannot be undermined.