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The Jet tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

Take advantage of our cheaply priced Jet t shirts and ensure you buy a number. We frequently update our listings so always lookout for new additions. All our listed tees are in stock and they’re made of entirely original fabric. The blend on all shirts is amazing which shows that they are designed by professionals.

The Jet band tee shirts are a great way for you to stay ahead of your colleagues and friends as the attire will definitely make you stand out. There is no exception as to who can don the tees as we have them all in various sizes. The entire process is actually quite simple because the images we have represent the way the actual t-shirts look like which is quite incredible. Therefore, you can go ahead and browse through the listings judging by the listed images. Once you find one whose appearance appeals to you, go ahead and make the purchase and our convenient delivery mechanisms will have the items delivered to you. The t-shirts the incredible rock band of Australian decent. The band was formed back in 2001 in Melbourne. They have been in the industry since then and this has seen them achieve a considerable amount of success both in their native country and internationally as well.

The band consists of a number of talented members including Mark Wilson who is the band’s bassist, then there’s two brothers Chris and Nic Cester who handle the drums, the vocals and the rhythm guitar respectively. The final band member is Cameron Muncey who is the band’s lead guitarist. Despite their background, the band has managed to get a huge international following selling over seven million records. They released their debut album back in 2003 which was titled Get Born and that single album alone managed to sell way over four million copies internationally. They have been in the industry continuously releasing new records as they learn what the fans want and try to give them that. They have played various genres of music so as to try and win a number of fans and they have done a good job at that.