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The Journey tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

Welcome to the home of the most amazingly designed Journey t shirts for you to enjoy. Our listings are endless and we frequently update them so you can stay ahead in fashion. All the tees ate trendy and they can be worn to any social event alongside other attires. The shirts are available for both genders and for persons of all ages as well.

From their name, you can easily gather that this is a band looking to send a message to their fans. They have gone through a very tedious journey with a number of ups and downs and thanks to their perseverance, they managed to stay ahead of the game as the industry was quite rewarding. The band made use of their numerous tee so as to further increase their popularity as the band deeply wanted to spread their wings. The band was formed back in 1973 in San Francisco and their American audience was quite responsive which was a major boost for their career. They have gone through quite a number of phases with major achievements coming during the late seventies going up to 1987. This was when they received their most commercial success until they briefly disbanded due to a number of reasons, which was a part of their journey to the top.

The band released a continuous series of singles that ended up being hit songs. By early 1981, they released Don’t Stop Beleivin which ended up being the top selling catalog track to ever feature in the entire iTunes history. The mid nineties saw the band’s successful reunion and they later came to regroup with a number of more talented lead singers. The band’s success is not only in their popularity and single popularity but they’ve also managed to succeed in their album sales. Their sales have resulted in two gold albums, one diamond album and eight multi platinum albums. In addition to all this, they managed to have eighteen top forty singles whereby six of them were able to reach the top ten of the US Billboard 100 chart. They have continually been active and they clearly seem to be headed to the top.