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Get amazingly cheap Joy Division t shirts featured right here at our online store. We have done a thorough inspection of all tees to ensure their originality. The fabric used to make the tees is very comforting to the skin leaving you very comfortable. The shirts come in very different colors, designs and sizes hence you can easily identify your favorite.

All the listed tees belong to the Joy Division band which was a proclaimed English roc band of the 1970’s. They were actually formed in the 1976 in Salford. The initial band members that saw its formation include Peter Hook who came in as a bass guitarist, Ian Curtis as a vocalist and occasional guitarist, Bernard Sumner on the keyboards and as a guitarist and Stephen Morris who handled the drums and percussions. The band immediately rose to fame and they were quite versatile which helped them move from one genre of music to another. While they were initially starting, the band was playing a punk rock kind of music. Their musical tunes actually helped to develop a style of music that actually pioneered the post punk movement. This was back in the early 1970’s. The band was widely criticized by various players in the industry including Jon Savage who stated that they were not punk, but they were directly inspired by its massive energy.

Their debut EP titled “An ideal for living”, immediately caught the attention of Tony Wilson who was a TV personality in Manchester at that time. He was influential at popularizing the band and this was because he saw something in the line of potential in them. Wilson invited them to his independent record label, Factory Records and this is where the band released their debut album titled Unknown Pleasures. They released it in 1979 and the album widely drew a number of critical acclaims from the British press. The ability of the band to be quite versatile is what saw them gradually climb up the ladders of success as they were able to withstand the many challenges they faced to continually produce rocking music for their fans.