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Keith Richards Apparel 1 to 20 (of 25 Keith Richards)


Look nowhere else but here when it comes to getting great Keith Richards t shirts. We frequently update our listings hence you’re assured of getting the trendiest rock outfits. Should you be looking for vintage rock band t shirts, worry no more as we have the also. All the rock band tee shirts are entirely original which guarantees their durability.

Keith Richards is a renowned English rock musician. His career has seen him work as a musician and songwriter, something he has done exceptionally quite well. What propelled him to fame is the fact that he was the founding member of the Rolling Stones band. His achievements have brought him worldwide success as he has also appeared on Times Magazine, who branded him as “the creator of rock’s greatest single body of riffs”. They later on went ahead to place him as the tenth greatest guitarist to have ever graced the industry. This is a clear fact as playing the guitar seems to come very naturally to Keith and he has also managed to sustain this maestro throughout his career that has spanned decades. The Times magazine also listed fourteen of the songs that he had written among their renowned list of five hundred of the greatest songs of all time. Some of the songs that appeared on the list were written by Keith in collaboration with the Rolling Stone’s lead vocalist; Mick Jagger.

Keith’s role in the Rolling Stones band was viewed as oiling of the machinery as he clearly made the band tick. Others regarded him as the musical leader of the band because of the considerable amount of success and individual brilliance which he brought in. Unlike other bands that usually follow the drummer, the Rolling stones seemed to follow all of his directives. Critics who analyzed his playing discovered that his guitar playing had an admirable fascination with the chords and rhythm. He also avoided flamboyant virtuosity in favor of riffs. He seemed to prefer to play in tandem with another guitarist and he has always ensured that he traveled with one. With such dedicated focus, there is no doubt as to how he was able to achieve this much success.