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This is the ultimate home of the best designs of Kid Rock t shirts. The shirts are available for persons of all ages and persons of either gender. They have been designed specifically for fans so you can be sure that they’re appealing. They shirts are also quite durable and they are also machine washable.

Formally known as Robert James Ritchie, Kid has commonly been known by his stage name which has stuck and become a complete part of him as even his family members refer to his by his stage name. He is an American singer, rapper and song writer. His is a massive collection of talent that has seen him win five Grammy Award nominations. The Academy clearly saw and appreciated his talent and that is how they gave him the nod on the nominations. His career did not sprout instantly as he began by releasing a number of albums that mostly went unnoticed. It was only until the release of his 1998 record titled Devil without a Cause which was released by Atlantic Records and that is what saw him climb up the ladder of success. With this release, he was able to sell eleven million albums which was a major boost for his career. The album saw a great amount of success and he has been topping charts and gaining international fame ever since.

The album had a number of successful singles including Cowboy, Bawitdaba and the single Only God Knows Why. He took advantage of this success to release a compilation of remixed and re-mastered versions of songs from his previous albums which didn’t get much airplay. The record company he was signed under really helped a lot in remixing the tunes to make them more market and airplay friendly. This is how he managed to make that final breakthrough and have people flocking as part of his fan base. This was back in the year 2000 where he also released the hit single titled American Bad Ass and the single titled Abortion which was previously a part of the unreleased compilations of his many songs that he had done.