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The most comprehensive rock band t shirt store for incredible designs of Killers t shirts. We have numerous listings of these tees all of which are constantly being updated. Lovers of vintage Killers t shirts will also get their share of the tees as they’re available. All shirts are in stock and they come to you at amazingly cheap prices.

The Killers band was formed in the late 1990’s. At that time, Cliff Evans was living with the then manager of Fastway. Steve Hopgood who had previously worked with Paul called him up and he briefed him on his plans for a new band, which was Killers in this case. The idea was quite in depth and realistic which left Paul convinced and he flew to New York so they could actualize the dream. They were able to calculate the key structures for the band and within a short period, they recruited the services of John Gallagher who came in as a bass player. His introduction into the band was however on a short term basis considering he was already attached to the band Raven. They later recruited Ray De Tone to be the band’s second guitarist.

They were now ready to start recording and they recorded a live album titled Assault on South America which featured a couple of Battlezone and Iron Maiden tracks. They also had covers of Smoke on the Water and We Will Rock You tracks and covers. This specific recording was targeted at their South American fan base and it resonated well with the fans out there. According to John Gullagher, their South American tour did not go quite as planned and the band had to record the entire album on a mobile recording truck. This was back in New York and they later on came to realize that a Canadian company called Magnetic Air Productions was planning to release bootleg copies of this album worldwide. What was even worse is that the company had no intentions of releasing certain royalty payments to the band. This is just but a sample of the many ups and downs that the band has had to go through but they have not relented on their quest to become the most successful rock band to ever grace the industry.