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The Killing Joke tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

Stay in fashion with our internationally renowned Killing Joke t shirts. The band is renowned for their great records and the tees help to relive these memories. All of our shirts are entirely original which guarantees their durability. The shirts are also machine washable which boosts the longevity of the shirts.

Join millions of international rock fans that have queued at our online store to buy the available Killing Joke t shirts. We are renowned to hand pick each and every listed tee shirt which goes a long way at facilitating the originality of the shirts. We have checked to ensure that the fabric used to make the shirt can last for long with regular proper care.

Majority of the shirts are made of cotton which is a great fabric for tees considering its ability to withstand harsh conditions. It is also great at absorbing the ink used to make the t shirt imprints. In addition, the fabric is also quite comforting to the skin as you can get to wear the shirt throughout the entire day without feeling any level of discomfort. This is why the shirts are ideal to wear to any concert that you may be attending as in addition to looking stunning, you also be able to comfortably dance away without worrying about sweating discomforts.

This English band formed in 1978 is widely renowned for their post punk genre of rock music which has kept many fans rocking over all these years. Majority of their work, including their two self titled albums, “Killing Joke”, have well been outlined in the band’s line of t shirts. Their shirts come with designs for men, women, kids while some designs are purely unisex hence you need not worry about getting your ideal design. You will easily get a tee that fits you as the designs come in small, medium, large, XL, 2X among a number of other sizes. A sample t shirt is the “Killing Joke” t shirt which comes in while with the designs of the band members performing on stage coming with lighter shades of black and grey. Just ensure that you accord the tees the proper care they require and you’ll get to enjoy them for years to come.