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The trendiest Korn t shirts available right here for all rock fans out there. With the wide selection of shirts available, you will get to stay ahead of fashion. The tee shirts are professionally designed and the imprints are clearly visible. What’s even better is that with proper care, the shirts have the capability of lasting for ages.

The rock band renowned under the name Korn is an American band that has been in existence since its formation back in 1993. The band formation was orchestrated in the great city of Bakersfield, California. They are widely renowned for playing a nu metal genre of rock music. The band is currently a quartet and the current members that make up Korn include Ray Luzier, Reginald Arvizu otherwise known as Fieldy, Jonathan Davis and James Shaffer who is also tagged by the nick name Munky. The band has realized an exceptional career with major achievements and having a wide following from across the globe. Soon after their formation, which was back in 1993, the band released their first demo album which they titled Neidermeyer’s Mind. This was just a demo album whose release was aimed at trying to test the waters so they could weigh the industry and know what to work on depending on the reception that the demo album received.

By the next year, they were ready to release their debut album which was self titled. Their demo album had done exceptionally well and that is why they opted to work with the same musicians that helped to compile the demo album in their new album. By April 1996, they were already working on another project and that is the recording of their next album, Life is Peachy. They were able to have the album released by October of the same year. All of these albums were generally stagnating in terms of reception from their fans as they were yet to make that breakthrough that they had anticipated. It was the 1998 release of the album titled Follow the Leader that recognized Korn’s mainstream breakthrough. The album peaked at the top of the Billboard 200 for the better part of 1998 and so did their following album, Issues which they released in 1999.