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The Kraftwerk tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

Buy any of our cheaply priced Kraftwerk t shirts. Our shopping platform is quite convenient and the entire process is quite hassle free. The tee shirts are always in demand but we constantly update our stock. All of the shirts have been verified so as to ensure their originality.

If there is a band that was excellent when it came to playing electropop, synthpop, electronic, experimental and krautrock genres of music, it had to be the Kraftwerk band. The band is of German decent and they have been playing since 1970 up to date. Their concerts were always sold out and this is how the demand for their t shirts came to be. They imprinted their band photos and imprints of their albums, singles and upcoming concerts so as to increase their popularity among the fans. The band may not have had control over the choice of colors for the tees, but they definitely were in control over what was to be imprinted on the tees. Such imprints would range from the logos that they were synonymous with, their album titles and such like ideas. They knew that their fan base was growing rapidly based on the success of their records and albums and it was thus important to have t shirts that fans could buy and associate with the band.

Take the Autobahn t shirt for instance. This tee shirt design was based on the 1974 release of their album which saw the band trying to move to other genres of music which they successfully managed to blend well. The release of this album came at a time when the band was playing more disciplined music by using a number of modern music equipment such as the Minimoog. The release of these t shirts greatly catapulted the commercial success of this album. There is also a Concert Poster t shirt from the band that comes in white with the imprint coming at the face of the tee. This is an example of the shirts that were used to popularize various concerts by the band. The band later came to have an obsession for cycling and this saw them release a single titled “Tour de France”. This was followed with the release of the tour de France t shirts which have imprints of the band members cycling away.