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Browse through the available listings of our collection of Kyuss t shirts. There is no better way of making your stand as a rock fan than by donning a famous rock band tee. With the shirts, you will also be able to show off the great rock designs that are imprinted. The designs are fashion trendy hence you’ll easily blend in with the current fashion.

The name would probably throw you off but Kyuss is an American rock band which was originally from Palm Desert in California. They are a very influential Stoner rock band ever since their formation back in the late 1980’s. Among their many releases is an EP titled sons of Kyuss which they did in 1990. It was soon after this release that the band decided to shorten their name and stick with the shorter version which is Kyuss. The next few years after that, the band released four full length albums and they also included one last split EP which they released in 1997 together with the Queens of the Stone Age which was a newly formed band. With this achievement, they were able to tie up the loose ends of Kyuss and they were then able to introduce Queens of the stone age which was the new band formed by a composition of ex Kyuss members.

The only member that was consistent in the band was John Garcia who was a vocalist for the band and Josh Homme who was a guitarist for the band. The other band members included Nick Olivieri, Brant Bjork, Alfredo Hernandez, Scott Reeder and Chris Cockrell. During their formation back in 1988, the band jammed under the name Katzenjammer. This was a German slang word for Hangover but they thereafter resorted to Sons of Kyuss before finally opting to go with Kyuss. The year 1989 saw the band release their recording of their eponymous debut EP which was the band’s only release that featured Chris Cockrell on the bass. When Cockrell left the band, they replaced him with Nick Olivieri who came in to handle the bass. Nick had previously played second guitar in Katzenjammer and he easily adapted.