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The Leonard Cohen tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

We bring you the most assorted collection of Leonard Cohen t shirts. All our listings consist of genuine t shirts that we have carefully selected. You will be surprised by our cheap prices which enable you to buy many tees. The shirts are available for kids, teenagers and the adults.

You will be spoilt for choice with our assorted collection of genuine Leonard Cohen rock band t shirts. All of the band’s tees come with various designs which is a great plus considering how massive the band’s fans are. The availability of these tees on our online store has enabled many rock fans out thee to get their share of the band’s great work. Leonard is a renowned musician and song writer who has been in the industry ever since the yester years of the sixties and he has managed to remain relevant over all these years. The inception of his tees has been an excellent way of commemorating the great work that he did. He had a huge following and this is evident by the great demand for his t shirts. Majority of his t shirt designs consist of his image imprinted on the face of his tees.

The imprints are quite clear and you can easily see and tell of what the imprints entail. As you would expect, his name runs across the face of the tee shirt which is also comes in a great design. The t shirts have been released ever since his early years when he was a young man which you can clearly see from some of his t shirt portraits. A good example is the Leonard Cohen – The Essential t shirt which comes in plain white with the man’s portrait on the face of the shirt.

The Sincerely t shirt also comes in plain white and it also consists of his portrait on the front of the tee. This also has his imprint in his early years. The most recent representation of Leonard in his old age is the Leonard Cohen Portrait t shirt that has his photo in his old age. The tees come in various colors depending on your own taste and preference.