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The Megadeth tshirts sale:  Vintage Teeshirts for girls, Concert women's tees

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Megadeth (often misspelled "Megadeath") is an American rock band that is renowned the world over for their unique genre of heavy metal rock music. The band was formed in 1983 in Los Angeles, California. They have had a successful career that has lasted over two decades now and they have managed to maintain the consistency required to achieve a lot of success. The band was founded by Dave Ellefson who joined the band as a bassist, Greg Handevidt who came into the band as a guitarist and lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine. Each of the members had experienced their own amount of the rock music industry with various other bands despite being at a minor level. They saw this band as the ideal platform to launch their careers and they never looked back and they have done an incredible job so far. The band has received a considerable fan base in the United States and they also have a huge following internationally.

They have managed to release a total of twelve studio albums including three live albums, twenty six singles, two EP’s, four compilations, one box set and thirty two music videos. This is clearly an incredible amount of success for just one band and it’s a clear indication that they knew what they were doing when they decided to get together. The band is regarded as being the pioneer of the American thrash metal movement. They managed to rise to international fame in the eighties and they have continually topped the charts since then. The band’s lineup has been changed a number of times but they have still managed to find sobriety and they were able to secure a stable lineup that was able to bring the band success.