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Metallica Apparel 1 to 12 (of 25 Metallica)


The Metallica band t-shirts are sold at our t-shirt webstore and can be found in various sizes.  They are made from 100 percent original cotton which ensures their durability.Anyone can purchase these tshirts and you will benefit from the fast delivery to your home. The prices for Metallica tour t-shirts for sale are very affordable considering the great designs and quality material. 

Metallica is an American heavy metal band. It originated from Los Angeles California. This band was formed in 1981 by four members with James Hetfield as the founding member. Some of the genres that the band perfumes include heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal and hard rock. This band has a collection of tees that you can choose from online. Some of these tees include:

“Metallic God wake me t-shirt”. This was an inspiration from their hit song of the year 1988 known as ‘one’ and ‘justice for all’. This t-shirt is available in white color and also in various sizes. The other t-shirt available is ‘jump in the fire’. It has an album cover artwork from the band’s other hit single ‘jump in the fire’. The t-shirt is designed in black cotton with red monstrous prints. Another is the “Metallic executioner” tee which has a front print with an artwork that seeks for justice. It is mostly available in black.

“Puppet strings” Metallica t-shirt has erie print of spooky cementary and a logo of the band on the front. It is printed on a grey colored tee. “Pushead sun” has an evil flaming sun on the front, “kill em all splatter” is a white tee with red and black prints as a debut for the album ‘kill em all’. The “Ascend” t-shirt for men was used to promote the 2008 release of ‘death magnetic’. “Seek wings coffin” women t-shirt marks the release of their 2008 album titled ‘death magnetic’.

 Some of the other variety of Metallica tee shirt that can be found online include, never die, underground, my apocalypse, raven, Judas kiss, creeping death, damage inc, and ride the lightning glow in the dark among  others. Most of these tees have designs that come out well on black t-shirts hence are available in black and they are a symbol of some of the albums and singles that have been released by the band since its formation.