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The Minor Threat tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

We bring you excellent Minor Threat t shirts from this internationally celebrated band. Get to enjoy a close connection with the band through their tees. Our designs are all in stock and as you can see, they have been carefully selected. We also offer free shipping on all purchases.

This American hardcore punk band of the early 1980’s also joined the rest of the bands in releasing their own line of t shirts only theirs had its own level of uniqueness. The response that the shirts received from their fans was quite amazing considering the massive influence that the band had on the hardcore punk music scene. Majority of their fans claimed to love their stylistic musical approach while others adored the band’s do it yourself attitude. On the other hand, others just loved the band’s music and they wouldn’t ignore the chance to buy any of the many available t shirts from this band. There is also a number of vintage Minor Threat t shirts available all of which will help you to relive the memories of the great records that this band made.

Our t shirt collection from the band has been handpicked not only to ensure the t shirt originality but to also ensure that we only stock the band’s excellent designs as there are quite a number available. Take the Out of Step t shirt for instance. This is the title of one of the band’s many records and it also happens to be a very popular hence fast moving tee. It comes in white with a touch of blue and black with the imprints clearly outlined.

The title of the record comes at the bottom of the shirt and with that, you can easily get to relive the band’s great work. After a little browsing of the band’s t shirts, you will come to realize that the band was quite synonymous with sheep. This is evident in some of the imprints on their shirts such as the Big Sheep unisex t shirt which comes in black and the Minor Threat big sheep adult tee, all of which have sheep imprints across the face of the shirt.