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Motley Crue Apparel 1 to 14 (of 14 Motley Crue)


The Motley Crue tshirts sale:  Vintage Teeshirts for women, Girly Concert tees

Make your selection for the numerous listings of the best Motley Crue t shirts. The band’s tee shirts have imprints of the band members either performing or posing together. The shirts have a great blend of colors and they can be work to any casual occasion. You will love the listed shirts as they have been highly rated considering the popularity they’ve received.

With a number of Motley Crue t shirts (e.g. "Dr Feelgood" Tee), you will be able to commemorate this great American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles California back in 1981. The initial members that orchestrated the formation of the band included drummer Tommy Lee and bass guitarist Nikki Sixx. These two were later joined by Mich Mars who came in as the lead guitarist and Vince Neil who then became the band’s lead singer. Together, they were able to concentrate on building a widely successful career which has seen them sell over eighty million copies globally. They have an international fan base and it is therefore quite an amazing achievement for them to be able to make such album sales considering not many bands can boast of such an accomplishment. It has been a successful quartet and the future looks very bright for them as the band clearly has talent and whenever they get together to make music, it’s always successful

A number of critics have claimed that the band has been noted to be leading a very hard living lifestyle. The critics also claim that they have been leading a similarly hard living persona. The probable reason for these claims is the fact that almost all of the band members have had a number of brushes with the law and this is obviously on the negative side.

Some of the band members have had to spend the time in jail because of various reasons such as alcoholism, escapades with women or as a result of something they did due to their long addictions to drugs such as heron and cocaine. A clear distinction of the band is that they are heavily tattooed and this is how some fans are able to associate with them. The year 2008 saw them release their ninth studio album titled Saints of Los Angeles.