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Join the fleet of fans buying New Order t shirts in support of the band. The listed shirts have been carefully selected to ensure you get great value for your money. The tees have exceptional designs of all the band members and their song titles. Don’t miss your chance to get yourself a number of tees as they are all cheaply priced.

This acclaimed English rock band formed in the early eighties has been very consistent in their single and album releases, which has been quite considerable considering the difficulties in this industry. The band consists of Peter Hook who is the bassist and he also handles the synthesizers, Bernard Summer who is on vocals, guitars and synthesizers and the final bane member is Stephen Morris who plays the drums, synthesizers and electronic drums. The band was later joined by Gillian Gilbert who came in as a keyboard player. The band was very synonymous with the electronic dance and new wave kind of music which they were very good at. A little after their inception, their tunes were quite successful as they quickly became one of the most influential bands of the eighties.

They however struggled to build their own reputation as New Order considering the band was formed by the remaining members of the Joy Division band. They really had to work hard to break out of the previous band’s shadow so they could be viewed in a new light. Their success has been on a global platform as with the help of one Morris D. Temple, they had a stint of success in the New York City club scene. This really helped to boots their fame and careers as they also got a better understanding of dance music. They tried it out and their switch to dance music saw them release a successful single titled Blue Monday. All these accolades have been well outlined in any of the band’s tees and you should not be left behind in buying a number of them, considering their cheap prices.