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The Pantera tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

The only dedicated online store that brings you amazing Pantera t shirts. All our listed tee shirts are in stock and we have handpicked them to ensure great quality. The listed images portray a clear picture of how the shirts look like which should provide ease in selection. We have convenient payment options with workable shipping solutions for all.

The band was formed in Arlington Texas back in the year 1981. Pantera is an American heavy metal band that was formed by the renowned Abbott brothers. They are namely Dimebag Darrell who was exceptionally talented when it came to playing guitars and Vinnie Paul who had his fair share of talent on the drums. A little later during the same year, the band recruited the services of bassist Rex Brown and Terry Glaze who would later become the band’s lead vocalist. In their quest to produce a fresh and heavier sound so they could appeal to more fans, the band decided to replace Terry Glaze with Phil Anselmo as the new vocalist. This was back in 1987. In as much as this decision derived a lot of criticism, it was ideally a great move as soon after, they were gradually releasing singled that topped charts and their concerts were also getting sold out.

It was clearly a great decision and they have never looked back since then. The band has managed to sell around twenty million albums which is clearly a major achievement. They started as a glam metal band but they have gradually evolved and this is all thanks to the talented band members who have been able to adapt to the needs of the fans. They later became famous for their heavier groove and a thrash kind of sound. This fame rapidly grew when they released Cowboys from Hell back in 1990. The year 1992 saw them release their second album which was titled Vulgar Display of Power and it revealed a much heavier sound than their previous album. Two years down the line, which was in 1994, they released the album Far Beyond Driven which debuted an number one in the famous Billboard 200.