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Pixies Apparel 1 to 6 (of 6 Pixies)


The most updated online store for the latest Pixies t shirts. The listings have been conveniently outlined so you can have an easy time browsing. The tees are designed by professionals who can guarantee the durability of the shirts. Needless to say, excellent payment options are available so you can have easy time shopping at the store.

The available tee shirts have incredible designs of the Pixies band which is an American rock band that emerged in Boston Massachusetts in the year 1986. They have gradually worked their way on to the top in a unique way that saw them win many rock fans along the way. The band members consists of a very talented team which includes Kim Deal who handles the bass and provides vocals, Joey Santiago who is the lead guitarist, David Lovering who is on drums and Black Francis who handles the vocals and the rhythm guitar. Just like a few other bands out there, the Pixies also struggled to get a footing in the U.S as most of their followers were in the UK and other parts of Europe. The U.S. only provided them with a modest fan base but they did not quit in their quest to entertain the rock community.

Just like any other rock band, they had the usual ups and downs of breakups and make ups but luckily for them when they made up, they came back in a much bigger way that saw them reignite the fire they had left dwindling. The band plays a unique blend of music whose elements include indie rock and surf rock. This has seen them release great hits and the emergence of the Pixies tee shirts has only drawn them closer to their fans, something that every band out there would definitely wish for. Their dependent man is Francis, as on top of providing the lead vocals, he is the primary songwriter and he has clearly provided wowing services considering the band’s tunes that constantly keep our heads nodding.