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The Placebo tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

The available Placebo t shirts are entirely made of original fabric. All our listed tees are in stock and we have very amazingly cheap prices alongside each shirt. The designs are also great which clearly indicates a sign of professional work. With proper care, you will get to enjoy the tees for years to come thanks to the original fabric used.

The preferred fabric used to make the band’s tee shirts is cotton as it happens to blend quite well with the colors used to imprint the shirts. At the same time, the fabric is also quite comforting to the skin which is a major plus considering you can wear the shirt for the entire day and not feel any form of discomfort. This is why the shirts are preferred for whatever social event you may be looking to attend as you can get to enjoy the entire event even as you dance and rock your night away. Majority of the band’s work has been well outlined in their line of t shirts. A good example is the design of the Purple Girl t shirt which was designed to commemorate some of the band’s most amazing accomplishments which has surpassed more than what people had presumed they would achieve.

There are a wide range of t shirt designs from this successful alternative rock band that originated from London, England. The band has been active ever since their formation back in 1994 releasing hit after hit, which is how their entire fan base came to grow as well as their achieving a lot of positive reviews from the fans. Their t shirts come in a wide range of colors with black being the most preferred choice for many. However, there is still a touch of a few different colors here and there. You don’t have to worry about getting a tee that will perfectly fit you as there are designs for persons of all ages. The available t shirt sizes include small, large and extra large. Majority of our current stock consists of unisex designs, which means that getting a shirt for both genders has become a more simplified issue.