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Get to enjoy excellent prices of some of the most incredibly designed Poison t shirts. The listings are endless and they are frequently updated as we seek to satisfy the entire fleet of rock fans out there. All the listed tees are always in stock and you will get very suitable shipping terms that are guaranteed the arrival of your items in time. All available tee shirts have been specifically designed by professionals and will fit every body size and shape.

You will definitely be spoilt for choice as you browse through the many shirt listings on the site. The fame and success of the Poison band has been well outlined by use of their t-shirts as there are imprints of the band’s song and album titles. There are also imprints of the band as they perform at some of the many concerts they’ve had or basically just posing for the cameras to click away. The Poison band is a well known American glam metal band. They have achieved their success in a gradual manner and have managed to sell over thirty million records internationally. Their success in the United States has been quite exceptional as half that number; fifteen, is the number of million copies that they have sold in the U.S. alone. That is actually very commendable as many other bands have had to seek success from outside the U.S. which meant going to parts of Europe or Australia.

Their head banging tunes have seen them chart ten of their singles into the top forty of the billboard hot one hundred songs. In addition, they have had six top ten singles and their single titled Every Rose has its Thorn made it to the number one slot of the hot hundred. They have also not been spared the usual trend of bands whereby they experienced a brief break up and make up session which saw them come back much stronger and more successful. The band has had yearly sold out concerts in which most of their tees were very popular as everyone wanted to represent the great name and talent behind this rock band.