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There are also a number of Rammstein tee shirts for men and some Rammstein t shirts for women as well which ensures that the entire family can each get to don a piece of the band’s attire. The tees relive some of the band’s history including the fact that the band was formed in East Germany. Evidence of this can be obtained from their name as they named themselves after a place in East Germany. The band burst into the music scene with an interesting flair as they opted to go with a dramatic and horror based romantic show. The band released their first album titled Herzeleid which translates into English as Heartache. The band gradually sprouted their wings around Europe and by the time they launched their second album, they were truly a force to reckon with. They would soon be rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty as they headlined some of Europe’s major shows. There are many Rammstein shirts for sale online and you should not hesitate to grab a couple of tees as you appreciate the band’s great success.