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Sex Pistols Apparel 1 to 12 (of 12 Sex Pistols)


The Sex Pistols tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

Original designs of the most accomplished rock bands in the industry like the Sex Pistols band. All the tees come in various colors and sizes and their designs and incredible. The fabric used to make the shirts is also original which guarantees their durability. You will always find your favorite rock band tee and there are convenient payment options available.

Formed in the great city of London in the mid seventies, the Sex Pistols are an accomplished English rock band that has seen a great amount of success in the industry. They managed to sing a genre of music that their fans were able to appreciate and they clearly did this with ease. They are renowned for orchestrating a punk movement in the United Kingdom and with this success, they were able to inspire many other upcoming rock bands. The interesting thing with this band is that their career was short lived but during the period it lasted, they were able to achieve a lot.

The history of pop music regards them as one of the most influential acts. Their career in the rock industry as a band lasted for only two and a half years, which is quite a short time considering other rock bands have lasted for decades. Either way, they came into the industry, made their presence known with their genre of music and they were able to gather a massive fan base and achieve success in their song releases.

The original composition of the band included guitarist Steve Jones, vocalist Johnny Rotten, bassist Glen Matlock and drummer Paul Cook. The band received the management services of Malcolm McLaren who proposed the replacement of Matlock with Sid Vicious. They had a spell of controversies just like any other rock band out there but their was a bit in depth as they constantly faced difficulties with authorities and event organizers. Their concerts were renowned to end with a lot of mayhem and this was their major trademark. They released a single in 1977 which they named God Save the Queen and it was merely aimed to attack Britain’s social conformity and their deference to the crown. It was clearly a rebellious group and this was how their fan base grew.