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The Slash tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

Enjoy an amazing stock of the best Slash t shirt designs. We have been serving you for years on end and the excellent quality of service is still intact. What is even more amazing is the cheap tee shirt prices that you’ll find nowhere else. All the tees are of great quality and they’re available for kids, men and women.

The available Slash tee shirts will be a great way to commemorate this great rock musician that entertained us all. His tunes rock the existing rock fans of the eighties and some of them are very familiar even today. The available shirts have imprints of the musician performing on stage on some of his many sold out concerts. This is a great British musician and songwriter who has had a very upright career. His decision to go solo was a great boost for his career as he has been able to achieve much success this way. He was a renowned lead guitarist for the American Guns n Roses band which is a hard rock band. He had a lengthy period of worldwide success with the band and this was back in the late eighties and early nineties.

Slash clearly had an eye for an ever bigger eye for success as during the period he was with the Guns N Roses band, he was able to start his own side project titled Slash’s Snakepit. This later enabled him to co-found the formation of another group named the Velvet Revolver. This is what re-established him as a mainstream performer and he was thus able to boost his solo career. Soon after this project, he was able to launch his debut solo album in which he featured a number of renowned guest musicians. The later success he received clearly speaks for itself as he is renowned the world over. His exceptional talent with the guitar definitely stands out and as you would expect, he included his guitar playing techniques in his debut album and even in his later albums. Slash was later to emerge on the top ten list of the best electric guitar players, an award which was handed to him by Time.