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By buying these great quality yet cheaply priced shirts, you will get to join the movement of this widely successful American rock band. The band was formed in the great city of Chicago Illinois in 1988. Ever since their formation, they have had a trend to continuous release great compositions that the fans kept on appreciating. As you would expect, fans kept on asking for more and the band did not disappoint. The band members that constitute this band include Jimmy Chamberlin who is on drums, James Iha who handles the guitar. Billy Corgan is the lead vocalist who also plays the guitar while D’arcy Wretzky and Melissa Auf der handle the bass.

The band has recently recruited the services of Jeff Schroeder as a guitarist, Nicole Fiorentino as a bass guitarist who also provides backup vocals and Mike Byrne who is on drums. The band has disowned the punk rock roots of some of their alternative rock contemporaries. They prefer their own unique densely layered, diverse and guitar heavy sound which seems to come easily to them whenever they play. They have tried to include elements of gothic rock, heavy metal, psychedelic rock, grunge, dream pop, progressive rock and a shoegazer style of production.

Their genres have been quite vast and alternating as their later productions have seen them include some elements of electronica. The band’s songwriter comes from within the group and this is none other than Billy Corgan. He is talented with his own unique musical ambitions and cathartic lyrics that have helped to shape the band’s songs and even their entire albums. His writings have been described as bruised, anguished reports from Billy’s nightmare land. Clearly, there is no need to criticize him as his inventions have clearly worked out for the band.