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The Smiths tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

The only t shirt store that brings you Smiths t shirts at very discounted prices. All our listed tees have been hand picked so as to guarantee their originality. We have excellent payment options available at your convenience. You will also get reasonable shipping solutions that will help in delivery of your purchase.

A British rock band formed in the late 80’s, the Smiths have seen their fair share of success ever since their inception into the industry. They came in with a blues based kind of sound which really resonated well with the current rock fans in the market. They kept their heads up from 1983 to 1987, which was immediately after their entry into the industry, they had a top five hit. Their cover song titled ‘Baby its you’ was an instant hit and that is how their popularity began to spread.

The lead vocals for this song were handled by Morrissey and he clearly did an incredible job. An interesting fact about this release is how fast they were able to make many sales soon after its release. The disc was released in July and by October of the same year, they had already sold way over a million copies. That was a great achievement for a fresh into the industry band. They received a gold record for this accomplishment and this was really a great boost for them in terms of building their confidence.

The story behind the Smiths is a clear indication that dreams do indeed come true and perseverance pays. They were discovered by a renowned rocker named Del Shannon and this was in a Los Angeles night club. Little did he know that he was putting together a talented group which would later release a successful album titled A Group Called Smith. The album was received well by fans and it was able to comfortably spend eleven weeks in the top forty album listings; quite an incredible achievement. As a rock fan, it feels quite incredible being able to associate with this band as not many of them have been able to make such accomplishments in the manner in which they did.