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The Social Distortion tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

An assorted collection of the best original Social Distortion t shirts for you to buy from. There is a wide variety of shirts available so take your time to browse through the listings. We have handpicked all the tee shirts so as to ensure they are made of genuine fabric. The t-shirts can be worn to any occasion as they blend well with any outfits.

Otherwise known as Social D or Social SxDx, Social distortion is a widely proclaimed American rock band. The members that formed the band came together in 1978 in Fullerton California. Ever since their formation, they have ensured a consistency in the genre of music they released and this is what attained them an international platform of success. The current band members consist of Jonny Wickersham who handles the guitars, Mike Ness who does the vocals and also plays guitars, David Hidalgo Jr. who handles the drums and Brent Harding who handless the bass is their final member. The collection of individual talent enabled them to release amazing tunes that resonated well among their fans.

The band has had its own unique stint of break ups and make ups but all this is part of the industry as sometimes the fame can be quite a lot to handle. They have managed to recover after such break ups in their own unique way and this has not stopped them from topping charts. They have also had a saddening period during their time as a band as they came to lose their longtime guitarist, Dennis Danell who passed away in the year 2000 after succumbing to a brain aneurysm.

Ever since their formation, the band has been able to maintain a revolving door of talent as they have constantly had members coming and going due to various reasons. The solitary member has always been Mike Ness as he has never left the band ever since their formation. The band has been able to release seven full length studio albums. They have also had two compilations, a live album and two DVD’s. Their debut album was released in 1983 and it was titled Mommy’s Little Monster. Since then, it has been an interesting journey for the band with the usual ups and downs.