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The Sonic Youth tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

Top quality Sonic Youth goo t shirts available with incredible designs imprinted on them. We ship even to Australia. The fabric used to make the shirts is very comforting to the skin which will keep you relaxed. The t-shirts can be worn to any occasion and they’re available for kids, men and women. This is the only store that gives you a huge listing of rock tees that are all cheaply priced.

This is an incredibly amazing American rock band that emerged from the great city of New York. The band was formed in 1981 and soon after their formation; they focused to release rock tunes that would propel them to the top of the charts. It has not been as easy ride for the band considering the competition that existed at the time, but they have clearly done a great job considering the success that they’ve been able to achieve. The current band lineup consists of Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore who handle the band’s vocals and the guitar, Kim Gordon and Mark Ibold both handle the bass guitar but Lee doubles up as a vocalist for the band. The final member if Steve Shelley who handles the drums.

There is no rock band that has managed to popularize its singles and albums without making use of t shirts. This band is no different and that is why you will easily find their Confusion is Sex t shirts which were designed to help popularize their first studio album. They did a similar thing with their second studio album titled Bad Moon Rising which also has its own dedicated shirts. This specific shirt is famous for its imprint of a scarecrow that has been graphically designed with a Halloween pumpkin head. In addition to the images appearing in all of the band’s t-shirts, their band name has also been imprinted and this is so that the shirts can be associated with the band. The shirts come in a wide range of colors ranging from white to black to blue. The colors were carefully selected based on the images that were to be imprinted so as to ensure that they will be clearly visible.