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The Thin Lizzy tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

Make your desired selection from the available listings of Thin Lizzy t shirts. Look nowhere else for the best designs of rock band tee shirts as our listings are endless. You will easily find shirts of all sizes hence finding a tee that fits you won’t take long. The t-shirts are constantly being updated so always lookout for the best new designs.

Thin Lizzy is an Irish band that was formed in Dublin in the year 1969. They are renowned for playing a hard rock kind of music and they have been very successful at this. The founding members of the band include drummer Brian Downey and vocalist Phil Lynott who also doubles up as a guitarist for the band. The two met while in school and their similar passion for rock music is what inspired them to come together and form this band. At the time, they decide to assign Lynott the role of being the band’s front man and he clearly did a great job at this as he was able to lead the band throughout their entire recording career where they were able to release a total of thirteen studio albums. This is quite a major achievement as not many bands have been able to match their tally. Their dedication was unmatched and it was very clear that they were destined to prosper considering the way they were able to release such successful singles and albums.

The band is renowned for a number of incredible tunes including Jailbreak, whiskey in the Jar and The Boys are back in Town. All these singles were major international hits that constantly played on classic rock and hard rock stations. The year 1986 hit the band pretty hard as they got to lose their band member, Phil Lynott. Since his death, the band has had a number of incarnations of the band which rotated around Scott Gorham and John Sykes. Sykes later left the band in 2009. During their tenure, the band was able to boast of having some of the most critically acclaimed guitarists throughout their history. The band was also renown for being very multiracial as they drew members from either side of the Irish border.