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The Tokio Hotel tshirts Sale:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees for Girls

Incredible designs of original quality Tokio Hotel t shirts available right here. All our listed tees are in stock and they come to you at very cheap prices. The tee shirt designs are quite professionals as talented individuals came up with the art. There are images of the band members and sampled band slogans imprinted on the t-shirts.

Some of the many available tee shirts from this band have been expressly designed for the unisex audience. This means that you need not worry that the stock does not cater for you as you will easily locate an ideal tee shirt for you regardless of your gender. Some of the most prominent t shirts from the band include the Scape t shirt and the City Symbol Spots t-shirt. Both these tees have excellent designs of the band members posing in a photo that has a very attractive background. The background has colors that complement the pose from the band members and you can be sure that it has been made in a manner that will last for years on end.

It has not been a smooth ride for the band as they once had their contract with Sony BMG Germany terminated due to a number of reasons. This was soon after recording an unreleased demo CD at the time that they went by the name Devilish. The band later managed to come from all these hardships and they were able to release their first German language album titled Schrei. They released this album under their current band name and by this time, they were attached to Universal Music Germany.

This was back in the year 2005. The album Shrei was able to sell more than half a million copies globally. In addition to the many sales, the album also spawned four top five singles in their native country Germany and in Austria as well. This was quite an achievement considering the hardships they had experienced at first. The band looks as though the future is bright for them as they are gradually climbing as their other albums Zimmer 483 and Scream seem to be doing quite well.