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The Weezer tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

The only guaranteed store for original designs of Weezer t shirts. All the tee shirts are available at amazingly cheap prices with convenient payment options. The colors used on the tees are quite incredible and they’re easy to match with any outfits. You can wear these rock shirts to any concert and you’ll clearly be a part of the movement.

Weezer is considered to be an American band that plays an alternative kind of rock music. The band has been in the industry for a little over ten years now as it was formed back in 1992. they have seen their fair share of industry success since their inception as they have been able to release nine full length albums which is quite a major achievement considering the period they’ve been in the industry. They have clearly outdone other alternative rock bands out there as some have been in the industry longer and they haven’t been able to release such a detailed number of albums. In addition to this, consider the reasonable amount of success that they’ve received. One would think that they were basically releasing singles and albums for the sake of it but Weezer have clearly been putting a lot of hard work behind all this.

In addition to the nine albums, they have also released six EP’s and a detailed DVD. The band has managed to sell way over nine million records and this is only in the United States alone. Considering they’re an internationally acclaimed band, one can only imagine the many albums they’ve sold globally. The band members include Patrick Wilson who plays the keyboards, the bass and handles the backup vocals. The other member is Brian Bell who takes care of the guitar, keyboard and also provides backing vocals. Scott Shriner handles the backing vocals, the bass and the keyboards while Rivers Cuomo is the lead vocalist and he also plays the guitar. The band has had a number of successful singles including Buddy Holly, Island in the Sun, Say it Ain’t so, Memories, Undone-The Sweater Song, Perfect Situation just to mention but a few of the hgh flying singles from the band.