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The ZZ Top tshirts:  Vintage Teeshirts, Concert tees

Get yourself a number of Zz Top t shirts available at very cheap prices. The tees have been handpicked to ensure that the fabric used to make them is original. We have convenient payment options which are very secure regardless of your location. You will also get to enjoy great discounts on our shipping solutions especially for bulk buyers.

This is a renowned American rock band that has been performing since their formation back in 1969. The band is sometimes known as That Little Ol’ Band from Texas which is where they’re originally from. They initially started by playing a blues based boogie rock genre of music which is how they made their way onto the greater heights of the industry. They have however later on come to incorporate elements of arena, southern and boogie rock as part of their tunes. The band members that orchestrated the formation of the band include drummer Dan Mitchell, bassist Lanier Greig and musician Billy Gibbobs.

The band has however had a period where certain members were replaced with others as they tried to better the performance of the band and even so they could be able to vary the various genres of music. These replacements saw Mitchell and Greig being replaced by Frank Beard and Dusty Hill who were previously with the American Blues band. Soon after these replacements, the band was now able to gradually gather a big fan base.

In 1970, the band was signed under the London Records company and it is with this studio that they were able to release several albums. Their debut album was in 1971 while the following and consequent years saw them release Rio Grande Mud and Tres Hombres respectively. They followed these up with a 1975 release titled Fandango which was essential at expanding their sound and overall sense of humor. The band gradually became one of the most popular touring bands in the United States as they were able to break various concert attendance feats. They took a two year break in 1977 and this is when Hill and Gibbons decided to come back with chest length beards as part of their publicity stunts.