11 Cool Facts about Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a legendary American rock music singer, musician, songwriter, artist, record producer as well as a writer. Today we are paying a tribute to this legend who served the rock music world for several years by providing all the fans of Bob with some unknown facts about his life.

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  1. Bob’s real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman
  2. Bob’s father was a semi professional player of baseball.
  3. Bob is always accused of introducing Fab Four to marijuana.
  4. Bob was very much obsessed with ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ star James Dean.
  5. Bob’s great grandfather along with his uncles possessed the largest movie theatre in Minnesota, Hibbing. This was the time when young Bob used to watch films free of cost.
  6. Bob’s band was once rejected. Well this was the time when he was in high school in 10th grade. The reason behind rejection was that the student council found Bob & his band’s performance too shocking at the time of audition.
  7. Bob has been a great scammer ever since his college times. He was famous for scamming his friends out of clothing & cigarettes.
  8. The pet names by Suze Rotolo for Bob were “RAZ” and “the Pig”.
  9. Bob has got an honorary doctorate from the University of St. Andrews in the field of music in the year 2004.
  10. Bob’s first wife Sara Lownds used to worked as a Playboy bunny before marriage.
  11. Bob was a huge admirer of Elvis. After the death of this legend, Bob didn’t talk to any person for almost a week.

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