15 Interesting Facts about the Metal Legend Metallica

Metallica, the world famous rock & roll band from California has and still is rocking the world with its unique genre of music. Here are some interesting yet unknown facts about this famous band – Metallica.

Metallica Burning Skull

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  1. Overall there have been 8 members who played in band till date – James, Lars, Robert, Kirk, Cliff, Dave, Ron and Jason.
  2. The shortest song ever done by the band was of length 3:08 minutes. It was ‘MotorBreath’ from the famous album ‘’Kill ‘Em All’’ in the year 1983.
  3. Metallica till date has supposedly sold out 100 million records at global level.
  4. Overall 10 Studio Albums have been released by Metallica
  5. Metallica have played 1724 shows in their 30 years span of career
  6. Metallica has performed in almost 60 countries.
  7. The band has won overall 14 Grammy awards
  8. Member of the band – Kim Hammett is a vegetarian
  9. The first single from Metallica was ‘Whiplash’. This was from ’Kill ‘Em All’’ from the year 1983.
  10. Father of famous drummer of Metallica Lars Ulrich, Torben Ulrich is an applauded former tennis pro
  11. Metallica were inducted in year 1999 into the prestigious Wall of Fame of San Francisco.
  12. Kirk Hammett, the lead guitarist of the band is also the oldest member of the band. He is 49 currently.
  13. The band has a full time staff of team of 83 people.
  14. Metallica always makes use of private airplane during tours and that too of color blue and white only.
  15. Lars Ulrich has a habit of eating without cheese pizza after every concert.

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