19 Quick Facts about Amy Lee

When you count on famous rock women who actually rocked the rock& roll world, one name that rules the heart of millions due to her unparalleled blend of beauty, talent and cool attitude is Amy Lee. Originally named Amy Lynn Hartzler but widely known as Amy Lee, is the lead vocalist and co – founder of popular rock & roll band Evanescence.
She is also a classically skilled pianist.

Amy Lee


Here below are some unknown facts about Amy lee that world might does not know very well.

Here is the list –

  1. She is actually scared of haunted houses
  2. Amy loves to drive rash. She is a ruthless driver scaring off her passengers
  3. She is a strict No diet follower. She loves full fat food
  4. When Amy was a teenager she was a bit overweight
  5. Amy Lee hates politics
  6. She is a Sagittarius
  7. Though we see her black hair but actually she has blonde hair which she has dyed.
  8. Majority of her dresses are designed by herself
  9. She has some allergy from lobster
  10. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is Lee’s favorite movie
  11. Her hobbies are drawing, painting and writing (in her journals)
  12. She feels she has been misunderstood widely
  13. She truly believes in supernatural
  14. Amy Lee simply loves beaches and ocean. Beaches are her most favorite places
  15. If Amy was not a rock singer she would either have been a nurse or a social worker
  16. Amy Lee is intensively afraid of sharks
  17. Halloween is her favorite holiday
  18. When she was a kid, Amy Lee wanted to be a veterinarian
  19. Her idol is Michael Jackson

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