Metallica to Contribute to Dio Tribute Album 2012

Ronnie Dio

Ronald James Padavona (July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010)

band was formed in 1982 by Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice, former members of Black Sabbath. From commercial point of view the name ‘Dio’ was really cool, because it was already known by heavy metal fans. In Italian ‘Dio’ means ‘God’, by the way.

Ronnie Dio died on the 16th of May in 2010, of stomach cancer. Now, two years later, his wife Wendy Dio got lots of rock and heavy metal bands together to record a tribute album to Dio.

Metallica, one of the greatest heavy metal bands ever, is going to contribute to the album too. James Hatfield noted that it was a real pleasure to be a part of honoring of Ronnie’s life and his great contribution to rock music. At the moment even Metallica don’t know which of the songs they are going to record, but I am sure it will be damn great no matter the choice.

Besides Metallica the following bands and musicians will be contributing too: Anthrax, Rob Halford, Dave Grohl, Lemmy and more.

I am too including Holy Diver video, Holy Diver alubum is considered to be Dio’s best work and heavy metal music classic example.

Unreleased ‘Stinking of You’ (Video) Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Duet

In one of his recent interviews to Fuse TV Eric Erlandson (Hole) told that Kurt Cobain had been preparing material for his solo album and the result supposed to be really cool. For all the Nirvana band fans it would be really interesting to hear something really new and unexpected. They say Kurt had been working on his songs with completely different people.

Eric is the well known musician who participated in lots of musical projects. He knew Kurt in person and he was lucky not only to listen to him but too chat with him, so he was really close to Kurt.

We all know Kurt Cobain was the person with an exceptional talent, for all of us it is a great pity he left us so early and we all wonder what his music might sound like if he was still with us. Fortunately, an unreleased track, ‘Stinking of You’ is available to us.

This is a candid video of Nirvana frontman and his wife can be found in the documentary about Patty Schemel (former drummer of the Hole band). Kurt and Love play with their daughter, they look so happy and devoted to each other.

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Notes on Post Breakup Period of Led Zeppelin (1980s)

After its breakup Led Zeppelin stated couple of projects. The Honeydrippers, formed in 1981, was the first significant one, formed by Robert Plant. It was his old-time wish to create a band with R&B (rhythm and blues) basis. Together with Paul Shaffer, Jeff Beck and Nile Rodgers they even recorded an EP in the United States. Their new style was highlighted in the cover version of the song called ‘Sea of Love’, which was number three on Billboard charts. That was a success.

Led Zeppelin Logo

Led Zeppelin logo, used from 1973

Next year, in 1982, they released a collection of unused and rarely heard records under title ‘Coda’. They added two records from Led Zeppelin’s performance in 1970 at the Royal Albert Hall, three records from the session called In Through the Out Door and a drum instrumental by John Bonham, which included some electronic effects created by Jimmy Page.

Plant, Page and Jones reunited again in 1985, on the 13th of July to perform at Live Aid in Philadelphia. They played only couple of songs with the following musicians: Phil Collins, Tony Thompson (both drummers) and Paul Martinez (bassist). How they performed was far from excellence because of absence of time for rehearsals with drummers; Page’s guitar, which was out-of-tune and monitors which functioned really poorly.

In 1988 they reunited again with the drummer John Bonham (Bonham’s song) to perform live at Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert. It was another disaster. Plant and Page could not decide if they should play “Stairway to Heaven”. In addition to that Jones’ keyboards didn’t function properly during the performance. ‘One big disappointment’ this is how Page called that performance.

The Beatles Story – Museum in Liverpool

The Beatles Story is a museum located in Liverpool, the birthplace of the Fab Four. The place attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Those are hungry for music, life and atmosphere of the Beatles era people.

The Beatles Story

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I decided to mention the most important things about The Beatles Story for those you might be willing to go there. I am also adding a video review of the place, so you can make sure it is really worth it spending time there.

The museums grows in size all the time, so it still might be a good idea to revisit it if you were there a year ago last time.

The place is open seven days a week; it is not available for only two days, on the 25th and 26th of December. Audio guides are available in 6 languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and even Russian. These guides are narrated by Julia, John Lennon’s sister.

Among other Beatles related things, John’s famous round spectacles and George’s first ever guitar are considered to be key highlights to enjoy. ‘Beatles Hidden Gallery’ is another cool place to see, it expose rare and previously unseen photos of the band.

The Beatles Story too has a good place for children, interactive Discovery Zone. Actually, they made the place perfect for your family and schools. Needless to say, tickets are quite cheap. Adult ticket costs only £11.95, but if you got there by car, you will have to pay for parking.
More details on pricing, facilities and special offers can be found at

Shame of me, I have never been to The Beatles Story, but if you are one of those who were more lucky than I am, feel free to share your impressions and tell me if the place is really as cool as they write about it all over the Web.