About Bob Dylan’s ‘Tiger’

Bob Dylan was really cool biker, because he had a good taste on cycles. Triumph Tiger 100, this is what he rode. This model was created on the basis of Triumph Speed Twin. Tiger 100 was better in every possible way, it was faster and lighter.

Triumph Tiger 100

Actually it was the fastest (at that time) model created by Edward Turner. Another advantage of the bike was forged allow pistons, which was a rare case, because the technology then was still rather new.

Cylinders were too innovated; they were gorged in a single casting. 8 studs held them, while as in Speed Twin model there were only six studs. Tiger 100 was too equipped with a single Amal carburetor. It had a larger fuel tank and was finished in silver, but its cost was only 5 pounds more.

Tiger 100 was an ideal bike for real fans of speed and power of those times. It was tasted by Ivan Wicksteed and David Whitworth in Brooklands. It was a six-hour speed ride which estimated that the maximum speed was about 78.5 mile per hour. That was goddamn fast in 1939.

Bob Dylan got into accident riding his ‘Tiger’, but some people believe there was no accident in fact, because he hadn’t been taken even to the hospital. It is known, the singer was really stressed at that time, and there was simply too much pressure and publicity. So he took his chance to get away from all of that and have a rest. It is known Bob Dylan didn’t tour for eight years after the accident.

The Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound

The reason why I have decided to write about the Grateful Dead band is their clothing items became a so-called bestsellers of the past week. So why not to recollect this cool band now?

We all not know the band’s musicians were real professionals and naturally they cared a lot about the sound they produced during live performances. They put much effort into their sound, but were rarely satisfied with it.

The Wall of Sound is a huge PA (public address) system which was created specifically for the Grateful Dead band by “Bear” (Owsley Stanley). Besides sound engineering, he was too engaged in LSD supplying.

The history is speechless about the quality of his drugs, but his sound systems were too delicate, which often resulted in technical breakdowns during live performances. In 1970 Owsley Stanley went to jail (for manufacturing drugs, not for producing low quality systems ) and the band was forced to try other house PAs, which appeared to be even worth.

Finally in the year 1971 the Grateful Dead band bought the first good sound system from Alembic Inc Studio and invited Dan Healy to be their sound engineer. He would be the band’s favorite till 1993. Actually it was Dan who helped Stanly to work under the Wall of Sound and him to pioneer in rock sound system innovation.

P.S.: Including a live performance video recorded in 1987.

5 Must-Have Cool Band T-shirts

Today I am writing about some really cool T-shirts you can find at ShirtHunt.com. I have spent about 3 hours to study the best-selling items to find out what actually YOU are interested in, what bands you like and why these tees are so important to you.

These 5 T-shirts are not only cool-looking pieces of clothes, they carry great history of rock music with them.

#5 – Led Zeppelin 1977 tour T-shirt.

Cost: $19.95

77 US Tour

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In 1977 the Led Zeppelin toured in North America. It was their final concert tour there, which started on the 1st of April and planned to be finished on the 13th of August. Unfortunately the tour was stopped because of Robert Plant’s five year old son death, which was caused by a stomach virus. The band faced lots of other difficulties like misbehavior of ticketless fans who tried to get into Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum and many others.


#4 – Iron Maiden “Killers” T-shirt

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“Killers” was released in 1981. The UK release was on the 2nd of February and the US one on the 6th of June. It was the last album recorded with vocalist Paul Di’Anno, who was sacked because of his drugs and alcohol abuse which affected concert performances. This is the first album with Adrian Smith and a producer Martin Birch, whith whom Iron Maiden recorded the next eight albums.


#3 – Grateful Dead “BOSTON GARDEN 91” T-shirt

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Boston Garden 91

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Boston Garden is an arena designed by Tex Rickard, boxing producer. No other band performed there more often than the Grateful Dead band. They gave 24 live concerts from 1970 to 1994. The year 1991 is so specific because the band released ‘Dick’s Picks Volume 17’ which was culled from the live performance on the 25th of September.




#2 – The Beatles “First US Album Cover 1964” T-shirt

Cost: $17.95

US Album Cover

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The first album the band released in the United States was called “Introducing… The Beatles”. The LP was released on Vee-Jay Records on the 10th of January 1964, but originally it was planned for July 1963. The recording company had some legal problems because of ‘Meet the Beatles’ single which was released before by another company, but everything turned out well and they sold more than 1.3 million copies until late 1964.



#1 – Metallica “Kill em All” T-shirt

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Kill Them All

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“Kill em All” is the fist and THREE times platinum album according to RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Over three million copies had been sold in the US only. “Metal Up Your Ass” was the name the band intended to use for the album, but Megaforce (American Independent Label) made them to change it to “Kill em All”. The album contains the song under which Hetfield and Ulrich worked on when forming the Metallica band.

Bob Marley Children – How Many of Them?

Bob Marley (Robert Nesta Marley), a singer, songwriter and politician from Jamaica. He is the author of such worldwide famous and million times covered hits as “No Woman, No Cry”, “Jamming”, “I Shot the Sheriff”, “Get Up Stand Up” and many more.

Bob Marley

Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley, OM (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981)

Bob Marley Portrait by HORNBY

He recorded 13 albums and was warded by 12 prominent awards (including Bad of the Year by Rolling Stone), but these are not the only two great achievements of him. The number of children he was a father of might be too called a record.

We all know that Rastafari Movement professes free love, which lots of us would call a ‘promiscuous sexual life’, but Bob Marley was a true Rastaman, unlike the majority of singers we watch on our TV screens.

So, being a man of love he became a father to either 11 or 13 children, depending on the source. The thing is that Makeda and Imani Carole are called to be offspring of Robert, but they are not mentioned on Bob Marley official website.

Below you can find 11 children who are too listed on BobMarley.com. Name in brakes is the child’s mother name.

Children of Bob Marley

  1. Sharon (Rita)
  2. Cedella (Rita)
  3. David “Ziggy” (Rita)
  4. Stephen (Rita)
  5. Robert “Robbie” (Pay Williams)
  6. Rohan (Janet Hunt)
  7. Karen (Janet Bowen)
  8. Stephanie (Rita). Bob Marley actually was not a father of her. Stephanie is a daughter of Ital, the man with whom Rita had an affair.
  9. Julian (Lucy Pounder)
  10. Ky-Mani (Anita Belnavis)
  11. Damian (Cindy Breakspeare)

I am also adding a short video interview with Bob Marley where he speaks about how many ‘queens’ he has.