The First Album of the Rush Band

First Album Rush T ShirtIt has become common to name the first album of the band exactly the same as the band is called. The Rush band was not unique in that way having called their first studio album ‘Rush’.

It was in 1974 and then re-mastered in 1997. Even though Rush is a Canadian band, there was lots of heavy metal in their music which was more typical for British band of those times. One can hear lots of influences of Led Zeppelin and Cream in the songs of the first album, which is not surprising. Guys were big fans of them, so naturally were influenced.

John Rutsey, the drummer, recorded the album but was not able to perform at live concerts during the tour, because of diabetes. He left the band shortly after the album’s release. Rutsey too wrote some lyrics for the band, but he had never shown it to others. It was Neil Peart who replaced him at the drummer’s position in the band.

‘Rush’ was a self-released album. To do that the band formed their own company and recorded it at their own studio called Moon Records. They pressed only 3 500 copies of the album. “Working Man’ song was added to a regular play list by local radio station in Cleveland, Ohio. People called to the radio station office and asked where they can purchase the record every time the song was playing.

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Rush Working Man with Their Original Drummer John Rutsey (1974 Live)!

Early History of the Rolling Stones Band

The early history of the band began in 1950, when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were childhood friends. They both went to the same school in Dartford. Later their families moved apart and they entered different educational institutions. Richards was studying at Sidcup Art College and Jagger at London School of Economics.

Rolling Stones Logo

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They met each other at the railway station, when both were heading to classes. Both Richards and Jagger were extremely exited to meet each other. They found out that the same things interested them, namely music of Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters.

Pretty soon they formed a band “Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys” together with Dick Taylor. That was a blues band. In 1962 the rhythm-guitarist Brian Jones and Ian Stewart (keyboards) joined the band and the band changed its name to “The Rolling Stones”. It was difficult for them to find a suitable drummer and lots of different people were playing drums at live performances at first. The band gave its first concert on the 12th of July in 1962 in the Marquee club.

Jones and Jagger created a really unique and interesting music style. Jones was a great fan of blues and he tried to play blues, while as Jagger and Richards were adding rock and roll notes to their music. This extraordinary mixture of different styles had brought wide popularity to the band.

“Come On” Chuck Berry’s song was their first single released in 1963.

Platinum ‘Destroyer’ (Album) of the Kiss Band

Destroyer Album T Shirt

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The album ‘Destroyer’ was released on the 15th of March in 1976. It would be noted that it was not the first successful album of the Kiss band, they have recorded two great albums before: Hotter than Hell (1974) and Dressed to Kill (1975). Their first album Kiss released in 1974 didn’t bring them popularity.

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Another reason why I decided to write about this album is that the ‘Destroyer’ faced a little brake up in their popularity and commercial success, but this album was a real hit. RIAA certified it as gold on the 22nd of April and also platinum the same year. ‘Destroyer’ was the first Kiss studio album to achieve platinum status.

The band began to work on the album in August, 1975. The producer was Bob Ezrin, who also successfully worked with Alice Cooper. He added some production flourishes, sound effects and child choir while recording the album.

The band used some outside musicians to record Destroyer: New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, Dick Wagner from Alice Cooper, who, though, was not credited. Dick also played the acoustic part the ‘Beth’ song.

The album’s cover was designed by Ken Kelly, fantasy artist. It is Simmons who was found him and was discussing ideas with. Ken agreed to create a cover art but first he asked the Kiss band to perform live to get inspiration. They gave him access to the backstage and Ken liked the performance very much. He was too asked to design a cover for the Love Gun album (1977).

KISS – Detroit Rock City Dodger Stadium 1998

Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ Album

Wish You Were Here T-shirt‘Wish You Were Here’ was released in 1975; it was a ninth studio album of the Pink Floyd band. There are three major themes the album covers: the music business, absence and Syd Barrett’s mental decline. The song ‘Shine On’ was actually a tribute to him.

Once he entered the studio, when the song was being recorded, but others were so busy and Syd was looking so differently that they even didn’t recognized him. Syd Barrett gained in weight and shaved his body and head, so it was really difficult to recognize old Syd in a new one.

The album enjoyed a really great success. The rush was so great that the EMI group (record company) was unable to release enough copies for everybody who wanted to purchase it. Also Richard Wright and David Gilmour say that ‘With You Were Here’ is their favorite Pink Floyd album.

This album is the second Pink Floyd’s album where Water’s was given a full freedom to use his conceptual themes. It begins with an eight minute introduction which gradually becomes the beginning of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” song.

The last time when they saw Syd was on Gilmour’s wedding ceremony. That day Syd Barrett left without even saying ‘goodbye’ to anybody. They say Syd’s conversation was ‘not entirely sensible’ and he didn’t even understand the song ‘Shine On’ was devoted to him.

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Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond [Live]

Post Led Zeppelin Career of Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page (James Patrick Page) was born in 1944. For the majority of people he is known as a guitarist of the Led Zeppelin band. He began his music career as a studio session guitarist and the member of The Yardbirds band until 1968. Later he joined Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Job Bonham to form Led Zeppelin.

I have already written a post about post-break up period of the Led Zeppelin band from the band’s angle, now I would like to focus more on great person and incredible guitarist, Jimmy Page.

The band broke up in 1980 after John Boham’s (drummer) dearth. He died at Page’s home. Naturally that greatly upset him and he didn’t touch the guitar for a rather long time. He returned to the stage to perform at a Jeff Beck show only next (1981) year.

His next music experience was the super-band called XYZ (ex-Yes-Zeppelin). They rehearsal a lot but had been never officially recorded. Only bootlegged records exist.

Page too collaborated with Michael Miller in 1982 to work on Death Wish II and Death Wish III soundtracks.

Jimmy Page also performed at various charity concerts, usually those were acoustic concerts. Then he recorded several songs with this first band, Yardbirds. In 1985 the Led Zeppelin members reunited to perform at Live Aid concert with Phil Collins and Tony Thomson on drums. has 30 clothing items of the band. They all are in stock! What a fan you are if you don’t have at least one tee of the Led Zeppelin? =)

Adding a bonus video found at
Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page Solo – Stairway To Heaven (ARMS Concert 1983)

‘Ed Force One’ Plane of the Iron Maiden Band

Last time we spoke about Bob Dylan’s cycle, now it is time to switch to something considerably bigger – a jet Boeing 757-200 of the Iron Maiden band. They called it ‘Ed Force One’. Actually, the guys didn’t purchase it; they just used it as a transport during their ‘Somewhere Back In Time World Tour’ back in 2008.

Ed Force One

The reason why they used a jet plain instead of trains or busses was pretty simple. As Bruce Dickenson (commercial pilot of Astaeus) explained they had to tour in countries which were rather distant from each other. ‘Ed Force One’ could take them pretty quickly to any corner of the world. With airplane they could get to move fans in the same period of time than without it, without waiting for weeks for the gear to come.
They have converted ‘Ed Force One’ into a combi and painted it with Iron Maiden livery and the list of the tour dates of that year. After the Iron Maiden tour, when the plain returned to its regular charter flights, Astaeus retained the artwork . The artwork was removed only after the biased African passengers refused to board the plane. They were afraid it had been possessed by evil spirits.

The decals were restored to finish the band’s world tour in 2009. You can see it in a famous documentary Iron Maiden: Flight 666, which was shown in 42 countries including (of course) Great Britain where it was shown on BBC4.
In 2011 the plane was used once again during ‘The Final Frontier World Tour’ with an adapted artwork.