P.O.D. New Album ‘Murdered Love’ (2012)

Murdered Love Album Cover

Murdered Love Album Cover

P.O.D. (a.k.a. Payable on Death) is an American band formed in 1992 and plays christian metal.
Band’s lineup

  • Sonny Sandoval (Vocals)
  • Wuv Bernardo (Drums)
  • Marcos Curiel (Guitar)
  • Traa Daniels (Bass guitar)

The new album was released on the 10th of June, so there are some videos are already available at YouTube and other social pages of the band. I have included them into the post, so you don’t have to search. The album itself is available for purchase at iTunes and BestBuy.

POD Band
My Modest Review of the Album
The music in the ‘Murdered Love’ is not very much different from what P.O.D. were playing before. There is lots of raping, hard choruses and singing to which all band fans have already got used to. So they will not lose their fans, but will hardly get new ones either.

In order to make the album more interesting they invited San Dog (Cypress Hill) and Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm) who is for me a cheaper option for B Real (Cypress Hill), but it is only my personal opinion.

For me P.O.D. is great band for teenagers (especially the song ‘beautiful’), who hopefully will be listening to Tool in couple of years and it is really cool band to listen to in headphones when walking along the streets.

Murdered Love Alum Track List
01. Eyez (Feat. Jamey Jasta Of Hatebreed)
02. Murdered Love (featuring Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm)
03. Higher
04. Lost In Forever (Scream)
05. West Coast Rock Steady (Feat. Sen Dog Of Cypress Hill)
06. Beautiful
07. Babylon The Murderer
08. On Fire
09. Bad Boy
10. Panic & Run
11. I Am

P.O.D. “Murdered Love” (Official Music Video)

P.O.D. – The Making of “Murdered Love” Music Video

The Most Expensive Guitars in the World (2012)

This is a quick review of the most expensive guitars which belonged to famous people. A guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. Have you ever though that that the most expensive guitar ever could cost like huge villa on ocean bank. If you had 2-3 million dollars, would you buy a villa or a guitar?

Fender Stratocaster1. Fender Stratocaster – 2.7 million dollars

The most expensive guitar is the world is Fender Stratocaster signed by 19 greatest musicians among which are: Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Paul McCartney and others. It was sold for $2.7 at auction coordinated by Bryan Adams. All the money was forwarded to a Reach Out to Asia, a non-profit organisation.





1968-Stratocaster2. Stratocaster of Jimi Hendrix (1968) – About 2 million dollars

Jimi Hendrix played this guitar at Woodstock in 1969. Nobody knows for sure whom it belongs to now, but rumours say that some one paid Paul Allen $2 000 000 to own it. Paul Allen is Bill Gate’s right hand. In 1900 the guitar was sold for $198.000 only. Good investment, Paul.






Washburn 22 series Hawk3. Washburn 22 Series Hawk, custom-made for Bob Marley – 1.2 – 2 million dollars

This guitar is classified as a national asset and it is one of 7 (only) guitars Bob Marley had. He gave this guitar to a technician whose name was Gary Carlsen, who took this as a sign to found a charity organization. Its name is ‘Different Journeys, One Destination”.




Blackie Guitar4. Blackie, Stratocaster Hybrid costs $959,500

This guitar belonged to Clapton. In 1970 many famous guitarists switched from Gibson to Stratocaster guitars. The Blackie was one of the sixes Clapton bought. Such name was given because of the back finish of the guitar.








Gibson-ES0335-TDC15. Gibson ES0335 TDC of Eric Clapton costs $847,500

I should say that this is the most expensive Gibson guitar ever sold from auctions. Eric Clapton played this guitar during the year 1964 and occasionally after.

Top 5 Bassists in the World Ever

Cool BassistFor some people playing a bass-guitar seams to be simple, not interesting and maybe even not important. It is not true! An immature ear very seldom hears the bass in the song, but in fact basses are one of the most important instruments because they add volume to the sound. Do you know that feeling as if someone in clocking from inside your check when music is playing? That is because of the basses!

I have researched the Internet to find information about who are top 5 bassist of all time. Fortunately the Rolling Stone gives only the top of guitarists so I will be unique in that way, hopefully. 🙂

Disclaimer: if you have a different opinion, you can share in the comment section, which is very welcome. 🙂

1. Cliff Burton from Metallica (R.I.P.)

Cliff was born on the 10th of February in 1962 and passed away on September 27, 1986. In 1982 the joined Metallica and took part in recording their first album ‘Kill ‘Em All’. He died in the accident when the band’s bus turned-over during the tour in Sweden.

2. Flea from Red Hot Chilly Peppers

Flea (Michael Peter Balzary) was born on 16th of October in 1962 in Australia. He is one of the co-founders and composers of the band. Flea too is an occasional actor and a co-founder of a non-profit organization, Silverlake Conservator of Music.

3. Geddy Lee from Rush

Geddy Lee Weinrib (birth date: July 29, 1953) is a Canadian musician. He joined the band before it was called ‘Rush’ in 1968 and replaced its frontman Jeff Jones. He has a very unique style and great technique of playing the bas-guitar, which inspired lots of other famous bassists.

4. Steve Harris from Iron Maiden

Stephen Percy “Steve” Harris was born on the 12th of March in 1956 in Britain. He is not only a bassist but also back vocalist and main songwriter of the band. In his early teens, Steve wanted to be a professional footballer, but later he became interested in music and participated in different small band, which were performing in pubs.

5. John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin

John Paul Jones (John Baldwin) was born the 3rd of January in Kidcup, Kent (England). His qualification is not limited to playing a bass-guitar, he is too a songwriter, arranger, composer and record producer. He too plays other string musical instruments like mandolin, koto and lap steel guitar.

Burning at a Burning Man Festival

Burning man is a festival of music and art takes place in northern Nevada, in the Black Rock Desert. It attracts thousands of people every year and every year in begins the same day – the last Monday of August and end on the same day to – the first Monday on September. The interesting thing is that it concise with the holiday of the Labor Day.

Burning Man Festival

Image Source: webbery.com, Partick Roddie Photography

So What Burning Man Actually Is?

  • It is a damn huge wooden effigy meant to be burned
  • It is an experiment in community and art
  • It is radical self-expression and self-reliance
  • It is 7 days of crazy joy, good music and unforgettable experience

Last year the height of the effigy burnt was about 104ft, that it is 3m, which is 4 feet higher than the Statue of Liberty which is only 100 feet tall, this year it is will probably be even higher, who knows.

Last year Larry Harvey announced that the Burning Man Festival will be a non-profit thing called ‘Burning Man Project’ to which all the ownership right will be belonged. This process started in April 2011 and supposed to last for three years. This move was caused by ‘bitter infighting’ of the board members.

For the people like us, it don’t really matter who is or who will be the owner of such a great festival. We only want it to be the place where people can find what they come for to the Burning Man Festival. We want quality music, much fun and lots of positive emotions. We want burn out problems ways with that damn 100-feet effigy!

‘Toothless’ Success of the Green Day Band

Dookie Logo Green Day T-Shirt

Click on the image to go to the store

The band’s debut album was released in the beginning of the year 1990; its name was 39/Smooth. Later the very same year it was re-released by Lookout! records again adding two more songs from their EP. The name of the second release was ‘1.039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours’.

Their second studio album, Kerplunk, was rather popular in the United States. Over 500,000 copies were sold. In 1992 and in 1993 they performed several times in Europe.

Their growing popularity was really difficult not to notice and as a result lots of prominent labels wanted to release their next album. Finally Green Day left Lookout! to sign a contract with Reprise Records. Robert Cavallo was the band’s producer and all the band members were big fans of him and they he worked with them and with the band The Muffs, which too were from California.

The third album Dookie finally brought Green Day great commercial success and public recognition. The album was released in 1994, in February. The album success was due to massive airplay on MTV, which was constantly rotating such songs as: “When I Come Around”, “Basket Case” and “Longview”.

That year they too were performing at Lollapalooza and Woodstock festivals. At Woodstock they became even more famous after a fight caused. A security guard pushed out several Mike Dirnt’s teeth. He thought it was one of the fans who were trying to get on the stage.

Green Day – When I Come Around @ Woodstock ’94