Rush Sharing the Enjoyment of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame with Their Fans

The Canadian rock band Rush was announced to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This has provoked a feeling of pride and glee in all of the Rush fans. All credit goes to the lady behind the scenes Donna Halper. The lady was responsible for first airplay of the band on a U.S radio station. After getting the news that Rush had been inducted, Donna couldn’t control her emotions. She told ‘I’m not a very emotional person when I’m doing business but I had tears in my eyes’. Donna appreciated the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame judges for truly liking the Rush band and its music. This band came up with its own type of rock music in late 60s.

Rush Band Hall of Fame

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The Rush band was originated in the year 1968 in Toronto, Ontario. The band features Geddy Lee as lead vocalist, bassist and keyboardist; Neil Peart as drummer and lyricist; and Alex Lifeson as guitarist. Previously, the band was inducted in the year 1994 for the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Rush will be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 18, 2013 after the completion of a ceremony in Los Angeles. Truly; the dedication and effort of the band members and the promotion efforts of music director Donna Halper have played a vital role in helping the band over the years, to finally get inducted for the Hall of Fame.



Slayer: One of the Most Sought After American Thrash Metal Bands

Slayer is one of the most famous American thrash metal bands based in Huntington Park,
California. The band was formed in the year 1981 with the original line up members as Kerry King, the guitarist and Dave Lombardo, the drummer. After that, two new members added their profiles to Slayer, giving a complete shape to the band. The two members were Jeff Hanneman as guitarist and, Tom Araya as singer and bassist. In the year 1985, Slayer recorded ‘Hell Awaits’. The album was a success and sold about one lakh copies in a short period of time. After the huge success, many production companies started offering contracts to the band. The band worked with producer Rick Rubin. But this band got its share of success and recognition after five years of its formation.

Music Slayer

The band got recognition in the year 1986 for its release ‘Reign in Blood’. This release came under the list of the four big thrash metal acts, the other three being Anthrax, Metallica and Megadeth. Till now, the band has released about eleven studio albums, two live albums, six videos and two extended plays. Four of the eleven studio albums received the gold certification in the United States. Slayer was nominated a total of five times for the Grammy awards and won two in the year 2007 and 2008. The band received Grammy in 2007 for the track ‘Eyes of the Insane’ and in 2008 for the track ‘Final Six’.

The New American Beauty for the Music and Beer Lovers

I love music and I love beer, and if they both come in a combo….I love it even more. Music and beer goes together. Isn’t it? If you are both a lover of music and beer, then this news is going to interest you. It’s the new band themed beer. Yes it’s not the way you were assuming it to be.

Americal Beauty Beer

Last year, some wines were introduced featuring the renowned American rock band Grateful Dead and now the band is collaborating with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery to introduce a beer titled American Beauty. The two leading names in the music and the liquor industry are quite hopeful of American Beauty touching the heart of fans.

Both Grateful Dead and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery have started a combined campaign and are welcoming fans to submit their valuable suggestions regarding the ingredients that would match well with both the beer and the music partner. The participants must be at least 21 years old to take part and the last date to enter the suggestions is 31st December. The head representatives will form a judging panel to choose and award the winning participants. This panel will be constituted representatives from both Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Grateful Dead.

The winning fan would be invited to the Dogfish’s brewpub at Rehoboth, Delaware in the 2013 springs. So, what are you waiting for? Tell the story, put the ingredient and who knows, maybe you are the winner.

Bob Dylan’s Second Show at Gagosian Gallery

Mr. Bob Dylan’s latest art exhibition was opened in the last week of November at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City. The exhibition named as Revisionism: Thirty New Works will end on 12th January. This is the famous musician’s second attempt at the Gagosian Gallery, the first being soured with some sort of controversies regarding plagiarism. The controversy pertained to the resemblance of images in the Asia Series with that in the public domain. The photographs were criticized by the audiences and the Asia Series was not of a sort of success.

Gagosian Gallery

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But, this second attempt of Bob Dylan is a way better than the previous one. On the release, Gagosian said that ‘Dylan has transformed popular design elements from Bondage Magazine to Babytalk by reconsidering the syntax, graphics and chromatic content of each’. Gagosian further outlined that Dylan has combined a wide number of popular styles in this art show to impart new themes and meanings to the images. The work of Dylan has always been surrounded with a lot of criticism or at least it becomes a ground for deep analysis by trade and music analysts.

So far, the gallery has released only one image titled Baby Talk Magazine: Strengthen Your Baby (2011-2012). Babytalk is the oldest baby magazine in the United States and it has made this attempt. The artwork at Revisionism: Thirty New Works consists of large scale and silkscreened canvases that re-contextualize the magazine covers with pop culture iconography.

Original Metallica Line-up Members

If you are an avid music fan and especially of hard rock and heavy metal, then the breath-taking tracks of Metallica such as ‘That was just your life, ‘Cyanide’, ‘Fuel’, ‘The Shortest Straw’ can fill with you with the excitement that you demand. The America originated brand is the biggest heavy metal band of all the time and here is the big news of now.

Original Metallica Lineup Members

Blackened Recordings, the band’s label, would now be the home to all the current albums and videos and all the future releases of Metallica. How this success for Metallica became possible? Yes, due to the hard work of the line-up members. The line-up members till now have played their significant parts in the upbringing of the band to this extent. When it comes to Metallica, the focus is often on James Hetfield. The unbending dedication and devotion that James exhibited from the early days has a prime role to play in Metallica’s success. The band made its innovative start in the year 1981 with the original line-up comprising of James Hetfield for Vocals, Guitar and Bass; Lloyd Grant for Lead guitar and Lars Ulrich for drums.

James was so enthusiastic about his job that he canned his three weeks of intense physical therapy to just four days for the sake of the Summer Sanitarium 2000 tour. The honour of the present success that Metallica is sharing with all its fans goes to the Master head James along with Lars Ulrich for drums, Kirk Hammett for guitar and background vocals and Robert Trujillo for the bass. A total of nine Grammy awards till now and five consecutive number one album debuts on Billboard 200 define the glory of Metallica well.